Modern Gameplay., 2006 Darla Records
  1. Bionic Hands
  2. George Romero
  3. I Started a Blog Nobody Read
  4. Overclockers of the World Unite
  5. Me and the Sysop
  6. Modern Gameplay
  7. Requirements for DJs
  8. Mystery Man
  9. I Love You, You Retard
  10. Unconditional Love Definition
  11. Shirley Beans
  12. Huygens vs. the Werewolf
  13. A Good Friend Sticks to You
  14. Dropping the MIR on Japan
  15. The Most Dangerous Thing in the World (Invisible Robot)
  16. Things are Looking Up in Lebanon
  17. Ambient Industrial Dronescape
Little Darla Has a Treat for You vol. 24, 2006

Includes "George Romero"

Bionic Hands e.p., 2004

Lejos Discos

  1. Bionic Hands
  2. These Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
  3. Love is Dead
  4. This Girl Needed a Dog
  5. Tape Sidetrack
  6. Maybe We Should Move to Canada
Teenbeat Sampler, 2003

Includes "Keep it Together"

Starling, Spiders, Tiger and Sprites, 2003

March Records

  1. Do It Yourself
  2. I Want You Back
  3. Joel Has a Hole in His Eardrum
  4. Ask Me To Dance
  5. It Changes
  6. Following Her Around
  7. Wish I Sang A Little Better
  8. Make a Baby With Me
  9. Jellyfish Genes
  10. Keep it Together
  11. Acting Like We Quit
  12. Winter Coat
Little Darla Has a Treat For You vol. 19, 2002

Includes "Following Her Around"